Adding New Kitchen Home Décor to Our Home 2023

Hey friends! Today I am sharing all of the kitchen home products that are not only practical but adorable too! This last month my hubby and I have been deep cleaning our home, going through things that are broken and replacing things that have been damaged or lost. We are on year 5 of living in our home so things like repairing our broken faucet ( video to come ) repairing 2 of 2 broken toilets ( video to come ) and replacing measuring cups because ours our broken ( like in today’s video ) are all things we are working on. Seems like a lot of projects in our books and that is just a tiny bit of them and we will be sharing it all here on the Shorts Shelf of YouTube! If you want to check out the shop I got my kitchen products from you can check it out here
They are always so kind and gave our viewers a coupon code! HOLLY15 at checkout for 15% off!
Love to you all! Let me know your favorite find!

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